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Davies Anne - Davies Anthony

Davies Anthony - Davies Arwel

Davies Arwel - Davies Austin

Davies Austine - Davies Barry

Davies Barry - Davies Ben

Davies Ben - Davies Berna

Davies Berna - Davies Betty

Davies Betty - Davies Bill

Davies Bill - Davies Bob

Davies Bob - Davies Bree

Davies Bree - Davies Brian

Davies Brian - Davies Brittany

Davies Brittany - Davies Bryce

Davies Bryce - Davies Cambria

Davies Camelle - Davies Carlos

Davies Carlos - Davies Caroline

Davies Caroline - Davies Cath

Davies Cath - Davies Celfyn

Davies Celi - Davies Charles

Davies Charles - Davies Chelsea

Davies Chelsea - Davies Chris

Davies Chris - Davies Chris

Davies Chris - Davies Christian

Davies Christian - Davies Christopher

Davies Christopher - Davies Claire

Davies Claire - Davies Claudia

Davies Claudia - Davies Colin

Davies Colin - Davies Corinne

Davies Corinne - Davies Crystal

Davies Crystal - Davies Dan

Davies Dan - Davies Daniel

Davies Daniel - Davies Darrel

Davies Darrel - Davies Dave

Davies Dave - Davies David

Davies David - Davies Dawn

Davies Dawn - Davies Debbie

Davies Debbie Bacon - Davies Demsame

Davies Demzy - Davies Dewi

Davies Dewi - Davies Diona

Davies Dione - Davies Donovan

Davies Donovan Brooklyn - Davies Dyfed

Davies Dyfed - Davies Effy

Davies Efraim - Davies Elisia

Davies Elissa - Davies Elliw

Davies Ellodie - Davies Emma

Davies Emma - Davies Emyr

Davies Emyr - Davies Ethan

Davies Ethan - Davies Felicity

Davies Felicity - Davies Francesca

Davies Francesca - Davies Garath

Davies Garath - Davies Gareth

Davies Gareth - Davies Garry

Davies Garry - Davies Gavin

Davies Gavin - Davies Geoff

Davies Geoff - Davies Gerald

Davies Gerald - Davies Gise

Davies Gisela - Davies Glyn

Davies Glyn - Davies Graham

Davies Graham - Davies Greta

Davies Greta - Davies Hannah

Davies Hannah - Davies Harry

Davies Harry - Davies Heather

Davies Heather - Davies Helen

Davies Helen - Davies Howard

Davies Howard - Davies Hywel

Davies Hywel - Davies Ian

Davies Ian - Davies Irene

Davies Irene - Davies Jack

Davies Jack - Davies Jacquie

Davies Jacquie - Davies James

Davies James - Davies James Giago

Davies James J - Davies Jane

Davies Jane - Davies Janine

Davies Janine - Davies Jason

Davies Jason - Davies Jeff

Davies Jeff - Davies Jena Marie

Davies Jenai - Davies Jennifer

Davies Jennifer - Davies Jessa

Davies Jessalyn - Davies Jill

Davies Jill - Davies Jo

Davies Jo - Davies Joanne

Davies Joanne - Davies Johanna

Davies Johanna - Davies John

Davies John - Davies John

Davies John - Davies John

Davies John - Davies Jon

Davies Jon - Davies Jonathan

Davies Jonathan - Davies Josh

Davies Josh - Davies Judith

Davies Judith - Davies Julie

Davies Julie - Davies Justin

Davies Justin - Davies Karen

Davies Karen - Davies Kat

Davies Kat - Davies Kathleen

Davies Kathleen - Davies Katie

Davies Katie - Davies Keith

Davies Keith - Davies Kelly

Davies Kelly - Davies Keri

Davies Keri - Davies Kevin

Davies Kevin - Davies Kim

Davies Kim - Davies Kris

Davies Kris - Davies Kylie

Davies Kylie - Davies Laura

Davies Laura - Davies Lauren

Davies Lauren - Davies Lee

Davies Lee - Davies Leny

Davies Leny - Davies Liam

Davies Liam - Davies Linda

Davies Linda - Davies Lisa

Davies Lisa - Davies Lloyd

Davies Lloyd - Davies Louie

Davies Louie - Davies Lucy

Davies Lucy - Davies Lyn

Davies Lyn - Davies Macky

Davies Maclean - Davies Mandy

Davies Mandy - Davies Margaret

Davies Margaret - Davies Marion

Davies Marion - Davies Mark

Davies Mark - Davies Mark

Davies Mark - Davies Marten

Davies Martha - Davies Martyn

Davies Martyn - Davies Mathew

Davies Mathew - Davies Matthew

Davies Matthew - Davies Maureen

Davies Maureen - Davies Megan

Davies Megan - Davies Melissa

Davies Melissa - Davies Michael

Davies Michael - Davies Michael

Davies Michael - Davies Michelle

Davies Michelle - Davies Mike

Davies Mike - Davies Mike

Davies Mike - Davies Mona

Davies Mona - Davies Nadine

Davies Nadine - Davies Natasha

Davies Natasha - Davies Neil

Davies Neil - Davies Nicholas

Davies Nicholas - Davies Nick Irvana

Davies Nickandmisty - Davies Nicole Nickels

Davies Nicole North - Davies Noel

Davies Noel - Davies Ollie

Davies Ollie - Davies Owen

Davies Owen - Davies Patricia

Davies Patricia - Davies Paul

Davies Paul - Davies Paul

Davies Paul - Davies Paul

Davies Paul - Davies Penta

Davies Penza - Davies Peter

Davies Peter - Davies Peter

Davies Peter - Davies Philip

Davies Philip - Davies Polly

Davies Polly - Davies Rachel

Davies Rachel - Davies Raymondnjenesis

Davies Rayna - Davies Reg

Davies Reg - Davies Rhodri

Davies Rhodri - Davies Rich

Davies Rich - Davies Richard

Davies Richard - Davies Rick

Davies Rick - Davies Rob

Davies Rob - Davies Robert

Davies Robert - Davies Robin

Davies Robin - Davies Rokiatu

Davies Rokiatu - Davies Rosemary

Davies Rosemary Healy - Davies Russell

Davies Russell - Davies Ryan

Davies Ryan - Davies Sam

Davies Sam - Davies Samantha

Davies Samantha - Davies Sara

Davies Sara - Davies Sarah

Davies Sarah - Davies Scott

Davies Scott - Davies Sean

Davies Sean - Davies Sharon

Davies Sharon - Davies Sheena

Davies Sheena - Davies Shona

Davies Shona Hollins - Davies Simon

Davies Simon - Davies Siobhan

Davies Siobhan - Davies Spencer

Davies Spencer - Davies Stephanie

Davies Stephanie - Davies Stephen

Davies Stephen - Davies Steve

Davies Steve - Davies Steven

Davies Steven - Davies Sue

Davies Sue - Davies Susan

Davies Susan - Davies Sylvia

Davies Sylvia - Davies Tara

Davies Tara - Davies Terri

Davies Terri - Davies Thomas

Davies Thomas - Davies Tim

Davies Tim - Davies Toby

Davies Toby - Davies Tom

Davies Tom - Davies Tony

Davies Tony - Davies Travis

Davies Travis - Davies Troy

Davies Troy - Davies Vaughan

Davies Vaughan - Davies Vincent

Davies Vincent - Davies Wayne

Davies Wayne - Davies Will

Davies Will - Davies Wynn

Davies Wynn - Davies Zoe

Davies Zoe - Daviet Pascale

Daviet Patrice - Davignon Colleen

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