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Serco increase email
deliverability by 133%
using Swordfish

Justen Baxter
Justen Baxter
Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager for North America, Mexico and Australia
About Serco

Serco specialises in delivering essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across their four regions: UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Their broad cross-sector and international experience mean they can transfer emerging best practices, share new service innovations and improve the performance of the public services we manage. This organization is an excellent company to work for, with outstanding leadership \throughout. Justen is in charge of the North American division.

Why Swordfish
Why Swordfish?

"Upon joining Serco, I recognised the significance of implementing Swordfish, a tool that had yielded positive results for me in the past. In the defence sector, having access to accurate phone numbers is critical, and Swordfish has consistently provided the best contact information. As a reputable company in the sourcing community, Swordfish is highly recommended for its exceptional contact data, particularly in this field."


Swordfish has consistently provided the best contact information.

Problem The Problem

"I observed that my team was experiencing a high volume of email bounce-backs and we were not able to obtain much contact data using our previous tool. In the defense industry, having accurate phone numbers and other relevant information about an individual, including their social media accounts, is crucial in clearing candidates and saving time."

Solution The Solution

"We have found Swordfish to be incredibly helpful in addressing our challenges. It has allowed us to connect with more people and efficiently gather and enrich contact data. Our team is now able to rely on one tool instead of multiple, which has increased our efficiency. Swordfish has become our main source of contact information and has even helped us triple our production of qualified candidates. Thanks to Swordfish, we are now able to clear an average of 250 qualified candidates across North America."


Our team is now able to rely on one tool instead of multiple, which has increased our efficiency.

Why Swordfish
The Result

"In my division, we used to make 25-30 hires per quarter, but we were only successful in delivering emails 30% of the time. We knew we needed to make a change. However, since we added Swordfish to our team, our success rate in email delivery has improved to 70%. Currently, we are hiring an average of 50-60 individuals per quarter, resulting in a 35-person increase in our staff count. This translates to a 140% increase. Additionally, we are now able to clear an average of 250 qualified candidates thanks to Swordfish."

Would you recommend Swordfish?

"We highly recommend Swordfish to companies that need to source contact data. With Swordfish, you can perform a reverse search, enrich your files, and even scrape contact data from Facebook and LinkedIn groups, which is a unique feature not found in many other tools."

Favorite Feature

"The customer support is top-notch - they are responsive and professional. The product is a reliable tech tool with minimal issues. Swordfish provides excellent contact data and the reverse search feature is particularly helpful as it allows for more detailed information to be added."

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